WTC (World Trade Center) Tower

  • Building a trading complex and shopping center over 50 thousand square meters area and a height of 18 floors.
  • Setting up a club for businessmen and members.
  • Providing suitable spaces to organize exhibitions and display the products of international companies.
  • Provide conference rooms and offices  for businessmen and investors.
  • Provide multiple entertainment and leisure facilities .
  • Providing information and researches in the trade and electronic commerce fields and developing their funding methods through WTC online and encouraging the spread of the international trade .
  • Providing all the facilities which enhance and develop the social status and commercial matters of local residents adjacent to the World Trade Center.

The main objective of the establishment of the World Trade Center:

World Trade Center is a facility features under one roof several services  and works by a group of individuals involved in global trade, and managed the center by public or private independent institution and be in close contact with Union Network (WTCA) in all parts of the world, and this is the central gathering institutions bodies like-goals serve as a trade center for business activities which are in fact help to support and promote trade, not the World trade Center to compete in the field of international trade in the existing out by the Centre region bodies, but instead shall be assisted by these bodies through the provision of arrangements these institutions to thrive and help integrate them by providing programs and services not available elsewhere.
The benefits realized as a result of membership in the Union of the World Trade Centers is not matched by any other benefits similar to any commercial entity in the world. The list of members of the Federation of the World Trade Centers on more than 350 members deployed in more than 120 countries around the world and this number is increasing every year,  the advantages and benefits of joining the Union of improving international trade are clear now for people .

WTC City Residence

Urban scheme will be implemented for these civilized integrated residential city that includes no less than 153 buildings consisting of eight floors each with 4 luxurious apartments so that the total number of apartments in this city no more than 4,896 apartments.

Where the average area of the apartment will be about 165 m² equipped Super Deluxe interspersed with enough green spaces in addition to service facilities including a hospital, a mosque ,an entertainment center ,sports center and a hospital.

Antaradus for Touristic Development Co.

Antaradus  Company for touristic development is  an associate company of Real Estate Trade Centers where centers company acquires the 10% of its shares in addition to that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding between them so that centers company operates as Marketing Manager and agent selling the project Porto Tartous resort – which is owned by Antaradus company.

Antaradus associate has been established under the Supreme Council of Tourism Syrian Resolution No. 37 dated March 15, 2004, it owns  Porto Tartous project, and has a capital of US $ 200 million equivalent, according to the exchange rate at the foundation 10,240,000,000 Syrian lires .

Area of ​​the project and its location: The project area of ​​460,000 m² and is located on the waterfront promenade of the coastal city of Tartous where he occupies the length of 1,500 m distance along the facade so that they form a half along the beautiful waterfront coastal city of Tartous, which lies on the Mediterranean.

The cost of the project:

The estimated cost of the project 460 million US dollars. Work has begun in  the project site and launched the first stage in the month of September 2009.

    Project’s components:
  • 2000 – luxury apartments can be increased consists of three rooms, all of which have sea  views .
  • 4-star hotel includes 370 rooms associated tower suites totaling 110 luxury suites are served by the hotel.
  • Business Center includes Mall area of 35,000 m² and offices with an area of 25,000 m²
  • 5-star hotel is located on a peninsula and boasts 280 rooms and ten suites.
  • A tourist village on an area of 30,000 m²
  • Marina yacht accommodates 80 major yacht marina in addition to the yacht club.
  • John for swimming with  sandy beach  (open lake by the sea).
  • Rehabilitation of parts of the ancient castle of Tartous.

The opening of the first part of this project the grace of God in mid-2012

Antaradus  Touristic Project Photo 1 Antaradus  Touristic Project Photo 1 Antaradus  Touristic Project Photo 3