Marakez Resort – Equestrian Academy

Marakez Resort Logo Emerged the basic idea of Marakez Resort project – Equestrian Academy of need Marakez Resort Logo dire state of Kuwait for social facilities upscale to be a Forum of the elite in society, and to increase recreational and social activities and in line with the general orientation of the State of Kuwait to the private investment in sporting and recreational activities, from just limited to government , the Centers resort featuring athletic fields of social and recreational, equestrian sport Catalysts for the project centers The increasing population growth in turn leads to increased demand for the project: sports, entertainment, recreation activities, and an equestrian and a health club The high proportion of young people in the demographics of the State of Kuwait, and young people are the ones who represent the current and future market demand for the various project activities. High standard of living in Kuwait increases the chances of the demand for the various high quality and affordable prices the project activities. Excellent location for the project of the State of Kuwait mediate areas and proximity to the rapid Sixth Ring Road and Airport Kuwait and populated areas where the population will be the resort’s attractive factor for families and young people frequenting diverse facilities. The project site Owns Real Estate Trade Centers Inc. This entire sports resort recreational and social, which has a total area of ​​thirty thousand square meters) of green and inclusive attitudes wipes, The resort is located in the Central Region, northern Subhan (scheme No. 33109). The project construction area of ​​12,000 m 2 plus dedicated parking lots for cars and bounces green about custom base area of ​​18,000 m2. The project occupies the site Astratgia place distinct from all faces, and achieves this site, which is confined between the four main ways multiple preferential advantages of the project. The project site of important sites and distinguished for training and rehabilitation of the Knights, and increases the importance of the site is also the population density surrounding it, which is south of the navel area and Sabah Al-Salem area consort, and the advantage of easy access to its proximity to the fast main lines, and Kuwait International Airport site is also available by spaces large parking lots.

Project sections

1-resort sports entertainment and a social rehabilitation center healthy for both men and women

All the above activities integrated with each other and are distributed in an orderly manner and interspersed with green smears and parking on an area of ​​30,000 m 2 (thirty thousand square meters) in addition to the basic services groups support such as restaurants and various cafeterias, and the number of 36 hotel rooms for the knights to rest in and two halls for social occasions nine each for 500 people, the cinema and bowling alley, tennis court, squash hall , Air shooting training hall and swimming pools for both men and women and children, and two health rehabilitation and physical for men and women, so they will be centers favorite place resort for both business The elite families and an outlet for young people to spend a good and happy times and useful as well.

2. Equestrian Academy

Equestrian activities are considered the most important of the main activities of the project. They will be trained equestrian Olympic Sports in accordance with the FEI standards IEF under the supervision of professionals and their assistants coaches who represent the main labor force qualified Academy Equestrian in coordination and cooperation with the Association of British BHS specialized association ownership of the horses that run under the patronage of Her Majesty the Queen of England and that training sports following Equestrian:

Show Jumping

Horse shows (Dressage)

Rehabilitation of the Knights of the FIA (Endurance)

And is available to the project sheds to house the horses, all equipped with the latest appropriate technologies for a climate of Kuwait and overlooks the runway is equipped with seating for viewers can accommodate more than 300 people, as the track is available is designed to accommodate the equestrian sports and competitions in accordance with the standards of the Olympic project also includes a dedicated warm-up areas before entering the main track.

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Rehabilitation Activities Men’s Swimming Pool